Johnny Mooney

Johnny Mooney     

I was born in Liverpool at the height of Beatlemania, though I was blissfully unaware of such a phenomena at the time. I have worked most of my professional life as a teacher; a job which has taken me halfway around the world, before depositing me in London, my home since the beginning of this century. Along the way, I have fallen in love with rock, punk and indie, industrial, techno, reggae, jungle and world music; pretty much in that order.

As well as playing music myself, I have  recently established the “No Wahala Sounds” record label with my friend and business partner, James; specialising in lost gems from Africa and the Indian sub-continent.

On my Jazz London Radio programme, World Showcase, I hope to play tracks that may by turns delight, intrigue and occasionally disconcert the listener.

Hope you enjoy the trip!

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