Andrea Vicari playlist

Jazz doodles


March show

Artist, Track, Album
Lynne Arriale Trio Passion Being Human
Lynne Arriale Trio Faith Being Human
Lynne Arriale Trio Persistence Being Human
Emily Masser with Clark Tracey 5tet I'm Old Fashioned Introducing Emily Masser
Mike De Souza Clementine Clouds Chrysalis
Mike De Souza Paper Plane Pilot Chrysalis
Benet McLean Lucy Green Park
Benet McLean Red Green Park
Rob Cope The Dance Gemini
Sarah Gillespie Molly Of The Salt Sea Half Cut
Roy Hargrove I'm Not So Sure Earfood
Roy Hargrove Strasbourg / St. Denis Earfood
Cecilia Sanchietti (MY) COLOURS Colours
Joe Henderson Felicidade Double Rainbow
Joe Henderson Photograph Double Rainbow
Lynne Arriale Trio Love Being Human
Herbie Hancock Actual Proof Thrust


Emma Rawicz Interview Edition

Artist, Track, Album
Emma Rawicz VIRIDIAN Chroma
Joe Henderson No More Blues Double Rainbow
John Coltrane Psalm A Love Supreme
Emma Rawicz Voodoo Incantation
Emma Rawicz Middle Ground Chroma
Emma Rawicz Falu Chroma
Emma Rawicz Phlox Chroma
Marius Neset and the Danish radio big band Bicyle Town part 2 Tributes
Steely Dan Deacon Blues Aja
Danny Piers Hallucinations Live recording

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